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Shocking, appalling but truly, the need of the hour.

In 19 league games this season, Arsenal have conceded goals in 14 of them, a total of 23 goals. Watch the Arsenal players defend and it seems they are playing, seemingly, without care. An exception though is that Bacary Sagna is an exceptional right-back and this stunning clearance off the line put paid to the standards he sets for defending.

The problem at Arsenal seems that the footballing culture at Arsenal does not value the defensive side of the game. The Art of keeping a clean sheet is not valued at this club. Defenders want to dribble their way out of trouble rather than just clearing the ball from danger. They seem to  have forgotten what they were brought to do.  And the manager seems incapable of reminding them. The players need someone who is passionate about defending to sort them out.  To make them feel like it matters to defend hard and defend well.  Someone in the training team to step up and pull players into position and tell who to mark who and slap players on the back for making a good block or a good clearance.  The basics. Arsenal needs to create a culture whereby a towering header or a crunching tackle is rewarded as much as a fancy backheel or inch-perfect through-ball.  If no-one in the coaching or playing staff seems capable of that, then those personnel need to be brought in.  Now.


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