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1000 acres 10 residential schools 10 football academies 1 football stadium. Wishing Well United it is.

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11 football academies spread over 1000 acres of land. The break-ups are 90 acres for one football academy which has 9 training grounds of 7.5 acres each and 25 acres for world class residential school, 11 of which make a grand total of 1017 acres.

A bit about me. I am currently doing an M.A. in Education(Elementary) from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I am 30 years old and have worked in the core team of the indian franchise of Brazilian Soccer Schools and Bfut which exclusively represents Brazilian Institute of football in India.

Why football?
I have deliberated myself over the fact that India is the impregnable fortress of cricket whose walls have not been breached by football by a long mile inspite of superb broadcasting of world football on Indian television. What we need is a trojan horse.

What is a trojan horse?
A horse which seems like a gift by the gods to India. A football academy township over 1100 acres of land.

How does one become a chess champion? Or a medallist. Or a heart surgeon. Through capabilities of engaging in intensive, concentrated involvement in an activity.

Who would be capable?
I know TATA GROUP is capable. As Tatas have judiciously kept away from sponsoring any kind of cricketing activity in the country. And they have the controversial site at Singur. Me and my friend Rohan Misra.. two people who have sacrificed a lot to make sure that we live for football and die for football. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. I wish to be on the same page with you before we move on. Any of you think this is a high cost affair, yes to start with it is a 15 to 20 million Great Britain Pound affair.

The question is “Are we mad as hell? And are we angry?” I happen to agree with management guru Tom Peters that all innovation comes, not from market research or carefully crafted focus groups, but from pissed-off, angry people. People who just can’t stand the opacity in any set-up.

I know football in India is a mess. But we need to revel in that mess. Relish that mess. Because the mess has a message and that’s all there is.

At Soccerex ’07, Sepp Blatter reiterated his stand on India as the market for the future for football. This is what he said on November 26, 2007:
President Blatter said, ” India is a new market in football, a market of more than one billion people. That’s not bad.!”

In every urban school in India there are scores of youngsters ready and willing to break a leg proverbially to get a sound footballing education alongwith their school education. If you look at the number of international schools in India charging a bomb for an education, one can imagine that with the user pays strategy, it is a Trojan horse aimed at 1 billion people


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