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Anand, a coach who has been training poor kids footballing skills for free for the last five years 365 days an year. Localites say he is mad, but who would disregard the fact that he has sent atleast 7 kids to the Nationals each year. He nurtures not only the football talent but also makes sure the kids get good marks academically and get into the right colleges which encourage their game alongwith their studies. I was watching the kids play for zonal selection and I said to Anand why don’t we put these kids through a pre-season speed training program since at times i find them reacting slowly or stamina running out. Anand said these kids wouldn’t survive one day of pre-season training because of the lack of nutrition in their food. I then realised that all the money in the world is of no use if there are children left in this world who go without food day in day out and become a part of a vicious cycle that kills any talent that might show up. Now Gopal Chandu and Anand, have got together to ensure that they can put together a football academy which can nurture children guide them into footballing careers and also ensure a future after their footballing career is over. A lifelong relationship. That is what has brought up the Dribbling Minds Football Academy at Deepti High School at Thalore. Dribbling Minds Football Academy is on a fundraising drive to raise one million indian rupees to be put into fixed deposits so that a good football academy can run based on the interest received from the fixed deposits. Even though the interest is a minuscule 10000, we go by the principle waste not, want not. Those who wish to support Dribbling Minds Football Academy at Thrissur, Kerala, India please contact Gopal Chandu at gopalpc@gmail.com. If you wish to visit Kerala and our football academy we would be glad to be hosts here. I repeat, please contact Gopal Chandu at gopalpc@gmail.com to financially/morally support Dribbling Minds Football Academy.



  1. Cool…………………..! Man………..

    This website is too informative even though we dont get time 2 watch most of the matches…… I appreciate the work you do and your articles with accurate pics…

    And i wish you good luck to keep up your work becoz ur so cool….

    Gopal sir, I study in C.M.I. Public School Class 8 A … I think u dont know my name but I asked you the address of this site in the Canteen on 11-2-10……… Hope we keep in touch ………..

    Comment by Anand Suresh | February 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. hi sir ! I too study in c.m.i public school class 8-a…. your website is amazing. i really appreciate you!

    Comment by Amil Asokan | February 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Sir ,,

    I forgot………….. Your Class is Amazing

    Comment by Anand Suresh | February 12, 2010 | Reply

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